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Our Culture

Where Work & Play Collide

With a culture where play is encouraged and development is key, it's easy to see why TCGplayers are delighted to come to work each day.

Team Unity

Our strength comes from our camaraderie. We work closely with every team member across departments and engage in after-work activities that help us stay tight-knit.

Constant Learning

Monthly classrooms provide a deeper understanding of company operations, while educational resources help every team member evolve personally and professionally.

Community Mindset

TCGplayers are active members of our community, from volunteering for causes we care about to sponsoring local events.

How We're Different

We host game nights complete with card games, board games and video games. Plus, we have our own Pauper Magic & Pokémon leagues.
"Stress-free weeks" offer all sorts of fun stuff to help you relax, like free massages, free meals and time to play with puppies and kittens.
A casual dress code leaves room for self-expression. We'll even give you some TCGplayer clothing to start your comfy new wardrobe.
Our open office has coworking stations for collaboration and quiet rooms for solitude. Each team member also gets a laptop to make workstations more flexible.
Treadmill desks and yoga balls help you stay active, while a company library, book club and writing group keep your mind inspired.

A Top-Ranking Workplace

Everyone is talking about the amazing culture at TCGplayer.

Great Place to Work

TCGplayers feel great pride in their workplace.

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100 Best Workplaces for Women

Fortune.com recognizes TCGplayer as a top company for women in the U.S.

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Top 50 Companies in New York

TCGplayer made the list of best companies in the state for the past two years.

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